Code Planning

At some point in coding, you really have to stop, back away and look at the entire thing, and then, here’s the key step: think about it for a moment.

i imagine the same thing happens for writers, more or less, when writing a hugely long book with a complex plot.

you’re working and there are three things you’re holding in your brain as you go:

1) what am i doing right now, the next few keys i need to hit on the keyboard, the function, the equation

2) what section am i working on, what does it do, what do i have to work with and how does it fit in with the rest of everything, who is going to use this function i’m writing

3) thinking about the general design scheme and going, what is the end goal of this waaay in the future what parts are going to be added in, what complex aspects are going to create pitfalls that i should put catches and protections on this

and the problem exists with keeping 3) from interfering too much with 1), because you keep getting tangled up in potential future stuff, that its hard to make progress with your current stuff, because you have to balance laying ground work and making life easier in the future for yourself vs making a huge fucking tangled mess right here in the present.

So, every once in a while as you move on and finish 2), you should look around and re-evaluate 3) and think: is this really still the best way, were there parts i was missing, could i make things simpler on myself?

…which is what i’m doing right now because this code is a bloody mess.

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